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Conversation Piece: The Secret to a Successful Dinner Conversation | May, 2013

Materials: wood, epoxy, hydrostone

Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 36"

Details: Interactive sculpture and game of pairing words with objects.

Photo Credit: Bellevue Fine Art & NJung Photography
Paintings by Lauren Armstrong


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Perception: Do You See What I See? | May, 2013

Materials: Top Pot donut, human soul, dummy iPhone 5, red glasses, blue glasses, MDF, monitors

Dimensions: each box 6" x 11" x 9"

Photo Credit: Bellevue Fine Art




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Polyamō | January, 2012

Details: Twenty people were asked to select a song that they felt best represented the idea of love. The songs were grouped loosely by genre so that each speaker plays a different genre of music. The songs play in chronological order by the year they were first written. As the music plays, the room is filled with a musical chaos of love songs.

Poly: prefix meaning many or multiple (Greek)
Amō: verb meaning love or fond of (Latin)

Materials: wood speaker towers, 5.1 surround sound system

Scale: 9' x 9' x 5'




Pathless | December, 2011

Details: Participants were asked to dip their hand in paint and without looking, run their hand across the form in any way they would prefer.

Pathless - noun
1. A track or way worn by footsteps; trail
2. A line of movement; course taken
3. A course of manner of conduct, thought or procedure

Materials: wood, diamond lath, plaster, acrylic paint

Scale: 41" x 20" x 42"

Music by David Dossett