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Bullets Transform into Jewelry | December, 2016

Details: Cambodian artisan makes jewelry from bullet shells, transforming a symbol of war into a token of beauty.

Credits: Filmed and edited by Karina Nyquist.



Love Letters Beyond the Veil Promo | October, 2016

Details: Love Letters Beyond the Veil is a solo play written and performed by Amontaine Aurore and directed by Tikka Sears.

Credits: Video editing, animation and sound design by Karina Nyquist. Video Concept and acting by Amontaine Aurore. Directed by Amy Sedgewick. Cinematorgraphy by Dan McComb.



Rose Concannon Cinematic Book Trailer | June, 2016

Details: Rose Concannon is a novel by Seattle author, Carolyn Hall.

Credits: Animation by Karina Nyquist based on a novel by Carolyn Hall. Script by Amontaine Aurore. Sound engineering by Cole Holland. Voice of Rose by Nicole Merat. Narration by Carolyn Hall. Book cover design by Shogo Ota. "Sviatïy Bozhe" by the Children's Choir of the Temple of Pochayevskaya. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" by Hannibal Marvin Peterson.



Hands and Feet | January, 2015

Band: Lowlands - Seattle, WA

Credits: Filmed and edited by Karina Nyquist. "Hands and Feet" from The Whale (2015 album) is an original song by Tom Rorem. Performed by Lowlands: Tom Rorem, Ben Jahn, William Mapp, Steve Miller and Alex Huth.



Wild Times Intro | March, 2013

Details: This motion graphic was created to be used as an introduction to Susan Robb's Wild Times Project website, as well as a standby video for the interative kiosks at the project satelites.

Credits: Directed by Susan Robb. Animation and sound by Karina Nyquist.



Burn Smart | September, 2014

Details: This animation was produced by Blue Rocket Creative for Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.

Credits: Produced by David Ulfers, Blue Rocket Creative. Animation by Karina Nyquist.



Cascades Camp & Conference Center Promo | December, 2011

Credits: Filmed and edited by Karina Nyquist. Music by Jelani Greenidge.



Chess: The Game of Life | December, 2011

Artist: Chris Walsh

Details: Video documentation of a sculpture and performance piece by Chris Walsh involving a salt block chess board and pieces made of ice.

Credits: Filmed and edited by Karina Nyquist. Art by Chris Walsh. Music by John Cage, performed by Margaret Leng Tan, courtesy of Mode Records (mode 158)



Hysteric Notion | April, 2011

Details: A collaborative project by Syd Brown, Karina Nyquist and Lisa Stewart. Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA. 2011.



Boat Analogy | December, 2010

Credits: Animation by Karina Nyquist